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KitCut -Life in Visual Mashups


With KitCut, you can translate any idea or thought into an image within seconds - no photo editing skills needed! ENJOYThe KitCut feed is home to an endless stream of hilarious trending visual mashups and memes. It’s the place to inspire and be inspired.
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CREATEWith KitCut, you can create a visual mashup or meme of ANYTHING that pops into your head in seconds!
Create a visual mashup by using your finger to cut out photos, draw doodles and write text and use our built in search to find the perfect image to cut out or use your own camera or photo album. Every user can become a "Photoshop Wizard" with our app!
SHAREWhen you finish creating an awesome visual mashup, you can share it publicly on KitCut or other social media like Instagram or Facebook. Also, you can private message your kitcut via Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, or VK.